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Alongside the church, nonprofits serve the community faithfully. This is where Mission Increase Raleigh comes in. We equip like-minded nonprofits to work with one another to better serve their cause.



We teach leaders the skills they need to succeed. This comes at no cost to the nonprofits and they receive valuable tools that can be immediately implemented.


Our consulting encourages stronger accountability, which leads to growth. Nonprofits receive training customized to their needs, either in small team format or one-on-one sessions.


We incorporate strategic granting to select ministries. This is our opportunity to teach specific skills and improve their fundraising initiatives.


Join us on this compelling journey as we continue to impact the Raleigh area. We know giving is more than just the contribution of dollars and our desire is to see real change in the organizations and communities we serve.

Cultivating Growth

We know ministries don’t simply need more money, they need the skills and resources to engage others in the cause. We teach ministry leaders not to focus on the bottom line, but rather on the givers themselves. Our curriculum takes a practical approach by applying solid, Biblical principles to such important topics as acquiring new donors, improving development practices, creating and implementing fundraising event and major gift programs, and many more. We offer workshops, as well as personal consultations, to train ministry leaders in a wide range of organizational and fundraising issues.



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Case Studies

you know, like testimonials, but more … formal

We exist to serve Raleigh ministries.

For over a decade, Mission Increase Raleigh and our donor partners have helped build the Kingdom of God by providing training and targeted cash grants to Christian ministries in need of assistance.

Our partnership with Mission Increase Foundation has been a fulfillment of a long journey that started with a desire to serve, minister to, and grow ministries in our community. The workshops, coaching , and consulting have been a great benefit to the ministries that have engaged in the process, and offer great value whether or not a ministry ever receives a grant.

Cliff Benson

I believe teaching a ministry how to fish, not just giving them a fish, is a better way to steward the resources God has given me. Training ministries in fundraising skills, grounded in strong Biblical principles, allows me to multiply the impact of my giving and help them extend their impact on the Kingdom.

Dale Stockamp

Sacred Harvest partnered with MIF because we came to the realization that there were too many important issues which directly compromised the ability of good and viable ministries to grow and become sustainable. MIF provided the solution for which we were looking…the means to build capacity within the ministries of Orange County.

Steve Perry

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