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Nonprofit Shark Tank Recap – Trinity Academy

This year we partnered with the National Christian Foundation to produce the area’s first Nonprofit Shark Tank event. Six nonprofits put their Major Gift asking skills to the test before our panel of Sharks, local Champions committed to helping our nonprofits refine their presentations and pushing them to answer tough questions. Ultimately our Sharks had to decide how they’d respond to each ask. Were they in or out?We captured each presentation so other nonprofits can take notes on what worked and didn’t work. What’s the best way to capture the interest of a prospective donor? What are the questions prospective donors expect nonprofits to be able to answer? We’ll be presenting recaps of each nonprofit’s presentation in the following order:

True Daughters – Watch Now!
Jobs for Life – Watch Now!
Your CenterPeace – Watch Now!
ReCity Network – Watch Now!
Trinity Academy

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